What if you could offer a program to help develop tomorrow’s leaders, plus reward and retain great employees, all at once? One of our corporate education partners, Walgreens, is able to address these objectives with their evolving scholarship program. Read on to learn how your company might be able to follow suit!

The Background

Walgreens understands that its team members want to reach for their goals—and the company appreciates that drive and dedication.

The parent company of the national chain of retail stores and pharmacies sought a strategy to help encourage both frontline and corporate office team members to further their education and increase their career path potential at work. Partnering with DeVry University was a first step in creating The DeVry University Walgreens Scholarship program to do just that.

Over the course of three years, the program has grown from one single scholarship to offering up to five scholarships in 2018. The goal is to help earning a degree be more affordable than ever for Walgreens team members interested in pursuing their degree at DeVry University.

The Scholarship

The scholarship opportunity is an exciting education benefit that allows for an annual campaign to promote employee development across the organization. Eligibility begins with Walgreens team members who have a year or more of tenure at Walgreens and a 3.0 or better on their most recent performance review. Inquiries, qualifications and selection process is completely customized per Walgreens requirements.

Recipients may include:

  • One qualifying bachelor’s degree seeking student
  • Four additional qualifying bachelor’s or master’s degree seeking students

In addition to the scholarship, award recipients will be eligible for the partner group tuition rate savings and other Walgreens partner education benefits at DeVry.

The Education

Professionals today need a different kind of education to prepare them for a world that’s constantly evolving. We put technology at the core of our TechPath approach to help students across our business, tech, and health programs stand out in the digitally driven world. In every TechPath class, students can gain real skills in collaboration, working with data and using tech forward tools.

The Impact

As the recipient of the DeVry University Walgreens scholarship in 2017, Quality Business Analyst Ariana Otero is now building her skills while obtaining a degree in Business Intelligence and Analytics. When asked about the impact of the scholarship program, her answer is that it has been immense.

“What would I tell others about the scholarship program? I would say JUST DO IT!”

Want to offer your own team members the chance to pursue their passion? Consider an education partnership perk focused on employee development, affordability and opportunities for the long term!