Employee Education with Skills-Focused, Technology-Driven Curriculum

Continuous professional growth is essential to the success of your employees, and investing in employee education and talent development is critical to achieving your business goals. Each and every one of your employees contributes to the success of your organization by flourishing in their roles, by solving problems and in communicating with their co-workers. At DeVryWORKS, we understand that it's important to address specific learning objectives for business leaders, and offer personalized talent management support to fuel the growth of our strategic partners and their employees. An organization can thrive with an engaged workforce prepared to meet its current and future needs, as well as developed leaders who can deliver on strategic priorities. The right talent initiatives can help you energize a business growth strategy—that’s why a DeVryWORKS partnership is strategic, too. We're here to help you build the workforce you need to contribute to the success of your organization. We strive to understand your business goals and objectives so we can help empower your employees with skills they need to grow along with your organization.

Building on the forward-thinking philosophies of pioneers of DeVry University, Dr. Herman DeVry and Dr. Lee de Forest, DeVryWORKS’ mission is to offer learning paths in emerging technologies and concentrate on preparing students to meet the changing needs of the marketplace. Our faculty brings real-world expertise into the classroom, and our experiential learning coursework backs it up. Assignments can mirror what students might be tackling on the job or in the future, and our professors teach with the needs of employers and industries in mind. DeVryWORKS partners with today’s progressive organizations to help equip their employees with tools that are essential for success in modern workplace. Our employee education programs are designed to motivate your employees to grow professionally and to be the leaders of tomorrow.

With the competition to hire and retain a strong workforce increasing, we know one way to distinguish an employer of choice is through an emphasis on development and education. DeVryWORKS was created to foster strategic alliances that benefit our education partners as well as our students. We want our partnership to provide a valuable return on investment for your organization and a seamless experience for your colleagues. That’s why we provide a single point of contact and a team of specialists to support you and your employers. We’re committed to truly understanding your goals and working toward them with your time frame and business objectives in mind.

What is a TEACH Award?

Teamwork, Energy, Accountability, Community, Heart. These are the values that define us. We love learning how your company applies these values within the context of your partnership with DeVry University as your education provider - so much so that we created the TEACH Awards. Learn more about our TEACH values.