Custom Solutions for Your Talent Acquisition Efforts.

In today’s business environment, hiring the right talent is critical. Our branded communications and impactful presentations are designed to present your organization as an employer of choice. With our non-traditional student population, you can interact directly with a diverse group of candidates, including minorities and adult learners from six  graduating classes annually. Plus employee education benefits from DeVryWORKS appeal to the top candidates and can increase your ability to attract and retain strong talent. At DeVryWORKS:

  • Our personalized talent sourcing programs provide access to a national career services team with a broad portfolio of solutions to help your organization attract and retain talented, highly qualified candidates
  • Our programs are tailored to the needs of your organization with the goal of optimizing your talent acquisition efforts and helping your business grow
  • Your organization gains access to a diverse pool of qualified candidates within DeVry University’s national student and alumni population along with a pipeline of talent from multiple institutions within DeVry Education Group
  • DeVry has a long history working with Military candidates so you can boost your Military and Veteran hiring
  • We perform an analysis of your business and identify a recruiting strategy that proactively identifies optimal candidates from our student population
  • We also provide a variety of resources, including , virtual career fairs, exclusive recruiting events, career advising programs and access to job posting services that connect you with prospective new hires

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DeVryWORKS Internship Program

  • DeVry University partners with employers to connect students with opportunities for internships and experiential learning
  • DeVry University interns have worked on projects that parallel the kind of things they’ll deal with when they go to work every day, allowing them to be more productive in workplace
  • Our interns are available year-round for part-time, full-time, and project based experiential learning

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What Our Partners are Saying

“An academic partner assisting in the development of my frontline team members and leaders as well as our executive leadership.”

Calvin Banks, Director of Training and Development, Benchmark Hospitality International

Build A Brilliant Workforce

DeVryWORKS offers custom talent strategies to meet pressing challenges of a competitive marketplace. We help build skill sets and create pathways to success through education.