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Workforce Solutions to Attract, Acquire and Develop Talent

At DeVryWORKS, we understand that one of the biggest challenges of any business is not only hiring skilled people but also providing opportunities to help them grow in their careers. DeVryWORKS seeks to truly understand your organization’s training and development needs so we can offer solutions to help you acquire and retain strong talent, plan for succession, and close the skills gap.

Military and Veteran Talent Acquisition and Development Solutions

DeVryWORKS helps you access Military and Veteran candidates who have the education, expertise and skills necessary to succeed in a variety of career fields and meet the challenges facing your business. From training Army Air Corps instructors on electronic devices in the 1940’s, to being one of the first schools approved to accept the original G.I. Bill® following World War II, DeVry University has been educating and supporting Military personnel and the veteran community for decades.

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DeVryWORKS Career Ready Program for Veterans

Are you Career Ready? DeVryWORKS Career Ready is a specialized program designed to support Veterans through a job search or career transition by providing personalized one-on-one career coaching and an online course. Through Career Ready, Veterans receive coaching and job leads, develop resumes, fine tune interviewing skills, and establish a strategic career path.

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Develop and Maximize Talent with Employee Development Solutions

  • We provide tailored solutions for employee training and development to unlock the potential of your workforce
  • Our unique training and development solutions are designed to align with your business objectives and create pathways for success through employee education
  • Tap the leadership tools and resources you need to build a brilliant workforce, develop the leaders of tomorrow and contribute to the success of your organization

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Skills Gap Solutions to Drive Innovation

  • We deliver custom solutions to help you close the skills gap within your workforce as technologies, markets and industries evolve
  • With an engaged and prepared workforce you can help your organization thrive while developing leaders within your organization

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Personalized Talent Acquisition Solutions for Your Organization

  • We provide your business with access to our diverse pool of qualified candidates from DeVry University’s national student and alumni population
  • Interact directly to find a blend of talent year round from our non-traditional student population, including a mix of minorities, adult learners, military and veterans from six graduating classes annually
  • Take advantage of a variety of recruiting resources like on-campus and virtual career fairs, webinars, and exclusive recruiting events that can be tailored to your needs
  • Our military and veteran hiring initiatives give you the opportunity to hire highly skilled and disciplined candidates with military experience

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Prepare for What’s Next with Military and Veteran Education Benefits

At DeVry University, we’re proud to be Veteran-friendly. We support our military students and members of the Veteran community who are furthering their education and transitioning to new employment. Count on our dedicated team for guidance on making the most of your hard-earned education benefits and military training so you can prepare for what’s next.

Learn more about Education & Tuition Benefits for U.S. Military, Veterans and their Families.

What Our Partners Are Saying

“The DeVryWORKS team is engaging and responsive. DeVryWORKS  understands our business goals and the needs of our team members. Their unique ability to look at different ways to solve a business issue vs. selling a product truly differentiates them in the marketplace.”

Donna Herbel, VP Training and Culture Development, Perkins and Marie Callender’s