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Developing Managers Is Key to Employee Engagement

We’re proud to be part of Mediaplanet’s Employee Benefits & Engagement campaign!  Employees want to feel that they have opportunities to learn new skills, apply them, and ultimately advance in their careers. Find the campaign in USA TODAY or read it below.

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From case studies and articles to webinars and events, DeVryWORKS provides your business with resources to assist with your talent acquisition, employee development and skills gap training initiatives. Stay informed about the latest industry trends and innovations or learn more about how DeVryWORKS is helping deliver solutions to address the most challenging business problems faced by organizations of all sizes.

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Learn about how DeVryWORKS has partnered with specific employers to help them address real-world business challenges, retain and attract talent, grow their workforces, and provide their employees with professional development opportunities through tailored learning solutions and skills gap training.

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Read about emerging trends and innovations across industries as well as fresh perspectives on important topics facing businesses today. Access the latest news and press releases from DeVryWORKS.

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Join us at a range of events throughout the United States. From conferences and webinars to job fairs and other talent recruitment events, DeVryWORKS connects you with strategic opportunities to help your business grow and succeed.

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DeVry's TEACH Values

It's more than what we do, it's who we are. DeVry's TEACH values (teamwork, energy, accountability, community and heart) define us, how we are guided and the decisions we make.

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