Accelerate Workforce Performance with DeVryWORKS Skills Gap Training and Services

Today’s fast-moving, ever-changing business environment demands your workforce keep pace. As industries and organizations evolve, many employees simply don’t possess the required skills to be successful, making skills gap a significant concern for many businesses. We know it’s important to address the skills gap and to offer specific training and development solutions to support the growth of your organization and help you close the skills gap. DeVryWORKS Skills Gap Training and Services draw upon our 85+ years of adult education experience to address the skill deficiencies of the 21st century workforce with highly targeted learning solutions for specific industry segments.

DeVryWORKS ModULearn

To address the critical need to bridge skills gap, DeVryWORKS has created ModULearn - a comprehensive, corporate training approach that offers tailored solutions for helping employees develop the skills they need. Offered as Classic and Basic, DeVryWORKS ModULearn utilizes flexible, efficient and distinct development paths to provide targeted skill-building content. We partner with you to help identify your workplace skill gaps and tailor corporate training based on your organization's needs.

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DeVryWORKS Green Zone

DeVryWORKS is proud to present Green Zone training – an extensive program created to provide our corporate partners with resources and specialized support for their present and future Military hires. DeVryWORKS' Green Zone training program provides guidance on how your company can better serve, understand and maximize the potential of your Military and Veteran hires.

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DeVryWORKS Career Ready

Career Ready is a specialized skills gap training program designed to support participants through a job search or career transition. This unique learning experience combines four weeks of practical career prep curriculum in an easy-to-use online learning environment with customized, one-on-one coaching calls or web-based sessions.

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What Our Partners are Saying

“When I think of DeVry, what comes to mind is partnership.  DeVry has been a great partner for many years.  They are innovative and creative in ideas to take our partnership to the next level with the GameStop associate always number one in mind”.

Teresa Schultz, Senior Manager, Organizational and Leadership Capability, GameStop