Online is the New Normal: 5 Ways to Keep Up

As we enter what Google® has called the "new normal" – a daily life in which we’re almost always online – the ways we can benefit from digital connectivity are constantly evolving. Google VP Jim Lecinski offered five moves business leaders can make to keep up with our tech-influenced reality. Could taking the first steps toward just one of these initiatives help you reinvent how business is done in your organization?

  1. Find a Way to Digify. For a manufacturer it might mean devising new digital products, for you, it might be digification of processes, such as a job candidate portal for video interviews or using online education for training. Smart tools can be a boon for attracting new hires, managing employee benefits or developing your talent.
  2. Be Mobile in Micro-Moments. From email updates, to intranet offers, to phone apps, maximizing mobility can help engage employees and candidates during the small snippets of time in between meetings or waiting in line. Focus on portability when upping your digital game to recapture opportunities to connect anytime, anywhere.
  3. Use Big Data. Imagine the edge you gain when you understand what your workforce values, what it’s missing and how you can help it grow. Machine learning technology is ready to help. Find and keep the right people with employee data mining, predictive analytics and digital measurement tools.
  4. Collaborate without boundaries. The new realities of the tech-infused workplace include unprecedented collaborative opportunities brought about by social commerce, online education, global communication and more. Don’t miss out – recruit and develop employees with diverse talents who work well in cross-functional teams.
  5. Go Bigger, Go Faster. Early adoption of technology can lead to a real competitive advantage with new digital platforms that enable radical process enhancements and quicker decision making. Whether it’s transforming your digital brand, connecting with global stakeholders or automating cloud-based engagement, look for ways to disrupt the status quo in your industry and as an employer.

Want to stay ahead of the curve with advancements in digital technology? Bring vision, confidence and action. As Lecinski noted, big opportunities attract big talent – and today’s digitally fluent leaders should be up to the task.

*This presentation was a part of DeVry University's National Speaker Series. Read more about Lecinski’s speech on the new normal, here.