DeVryWORKS Leadership

Meet DeVryWORKS Leadership

“DeVryWORKS is uniquely positioned in the marketplace. We understand the B2B world. Employers are challenged by retention, attracting the right people and closing the skills gap. We partner with employers to take these issues head on and build brands, develop leaders, enhance talent acquisition efforts, and provide tailored learning solutions to build employee skill sets, and strengthen employee retention. To help build a better educated and more skilled workforce, and close the tech skills gap, DeVryWORKS provides tailored learning solutions for employers to help their businesses thrive as well as teach employees how to connect people, process, data and devices in new ways to solve business problems.  Our commitment to providing a high quality education goes beyond the classroom. We provide a powerful education partnership that benefits our students and our employer partners alike.”

Joe Mozden, Vice President, DeVryWORKS

“At DeVry University, our priority is to prepare our graduates with both technology and business skills to better position them to make a difference in today’s dynamic, interdependent and digitized world. The Tech Skills Gap poses a significant challenge for national and global companies.  To address this, DeVry is partnering closely with employers to support their talent development, skills gap training and talent acquisition needs.  By forging strategic partnerships, employers and educators - like DeVry - can help to solve the skills gap crisis.”

Robert Paul, President, DeVry University

“To address critical organization skill gaps, DeVryWORKS has developed ModULearn, a comprehensive and tailored combination of DeVry’s tech path modules to help employees gain real skills in collaboration, be able to adapt to new structures, create innovative ways of working and be comfortable with data, all while using a wide spectrum of tech-forward tools. We work to match relevant, results-oriented learning programs with the needs and objectives of your organization, so you can achieve a return on your investment in employee development.”

Duane Glader, Senior Director, DeVryWORKS