DeVry's TEACH Values in Action

It's more than what we do, it's who we are.

Teamwork - We put the team first, appreciate diverse points of view, assume positive intent, collaborate and communicate openly
nergy - We move quickly, learn from mistakes, build positive spirit and always look for a better way
ccountability - We take ownership and initiative, demonstrate courage, and act with integrity
ommunity -  We operate with a shared sense of responsibility and purpose, and enrich colleagues, students and the broader community we serve
eart – We serve students and each other with passion, respect and care

At DeVry these values define us, how we are guided and the decisions we make. We love learning how your company applies these values within the context of your partnership with DeVry as your education provider - so much so that we created the TEACH Awards.

Our 2019 Winner - GameStop

"Grow and Achieve Dreams" - that’s what Matt Hirst and his learning and development team are 100% focused on at GameStop. A DeVryWORKS partner in the truest sense, GameStop is the winner of DeVry’s 2019 TEACH Partner Award - a recognition given once a year to an extraordinary corporate learning and development example that follows the TEACH values. TEACH is an acronym for: Teamwork, Energy, Accountability, Community and Heart. Congratulations to Matt and his amazing team at GameStop!

Press Release - DeVryWORKS Announces 2019 TEACH Partner Award Recipient

GameStop's Matthew Hirst Speaks About Partnership with DeVryWORKS.


Our 2018 Winners - State Auto

“NIMBLE and DRIVEN are two of our cultural traits.  NIMBLE is defined as making changes by working together to address the needs and opportunities of our team and the marketplace.  The definition for DRIVEN is being ready to lead to win, not as individuals, but as one team with one goal.”

*Quotes pulled from State Auto 2018 TEACH Award application.

Press Release - DeVryWORKS Announces 2018 TEACH Partner Award Recipient

Our 2016 Winner - HP Enterprises

TEACH recipient HP Enterprises (HPE) absolutely embodied all of our awards ideals in 2016. They exemplified our TEACH values while supporting their employees in a competitive environment filled with constant (and consciously crafted) ways to learn, grow and succeed.