Meet Alexandra, Our New Career and Workplace Expert!

Hi, DeVryWORKS readers! My name is Alexandra Levit, and I’m a business and workplace author, speaker and consultant.

I got my start in the talent development world when I wrote a book calledThey Don’t Teach Corporate in College way back in 2004. The book aimed to educate young professionals about what they need to learn to be successful in the business world, and I wrote it as a result of my experiences of early corporate failure after a stellar academic career. Its initial publication led me to interface with HR professionals all over the world who were seeking guidance on effectively developing the next generation of leaders.

More recently, I’ve been developing my skills as a futurist, reporting on trends that will impact the work world of 2030, including the gig economy and the contract workforce, mobility and virtual work, human/machine collaboration, customized careers, and continuous skill acquisition. Obviously, these developments have major implications for organizational leaders and those in the talent management profession.

I first joined forces with DeVry in 2010 when we worked together to form The Career Advisory Board, a nonprofit organization with the goal of delivering valuable insights on today’s most important career trends and providing actionable advice to hiring managers and job seekers. CAB has a regular presence at industry conferences such as SHRM, ATD, CLO, NACE, and College Recruiter, and is always looking for new ways to connect with our audiences.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to work more closely with DeVryWORKS, which offers organizations solutions to acquire and retain talent, plan for succession, and close skills gaps. One thing has become very clear in recent years: the strategies organizations used yesterday to recruit, manage, and retain top people won’t work today; employees are looking not just for a job they like, but an experience that’s meaningful. Thanks to analytics tools, we are in a better position than ever to measure whether our initiatives are working as intended, and it’s especially critical that we are agile in the face of a continuously evolving business climate.

Alexandra Levit