Career Ready Program

DeVryWORKS Career Ready program is designed to connect job seekers with a skill set they can use to help advance their future. The 4-week online course combines lectures, engaging assignments, and personalized career coaching with a dedicated advisor. Participants are enrolled in the program as part of a cohort where they can access the course materials and connect with DeVry University Career Services facilitators through interactive web-based tools.

Career Ready Program for Military Veterans

DeVryWORKS Career Ready program for Veterans Readiness & Employment Services features customized curriculum to support job seekers associated with Military and government entities who would like to transition into a new employment opportunity, whether in government or the private sector.

DeVryWORKS Career Ready program for Military and Veterans offers interactive content featuring federal resumes and devices for tackling the government application process, incorporated with traditional corporate job search and resume strategies to support participants through the program’s four-week structure:

Week 1: Explore – Veterans realize their full potential and gain insights into personal branding

Week 2: Develop – Veterans work with certified professional resume writers to develop a resume

Week 3: Launch – Veterans learn how to uncover the hidden job market, be successful at the interview, and more

Week 4: Advance – Veterans focus on expanding their reach and learn how to utilize social media as a networking tool

In addition to the weekly assignments, instructor led discussions and lectures, participants receive one-on-one career coaching with a certified DeVry University career coach, and are sent customized job leads.

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What Our Participants Are Saying

"The Career Ready Program was very useful in helping me to enhance and refine my job hunting skills. Overall I enjoyed all activities but what I liked the most was the assignments and discussions because I can take into practice the things I have learned. Overall the course was awesome and once you finish it, you will be in a better position and more professional position to handle job hunting."

Sonia N.Gonzalez Tirado, Career Ready Program, National Guard Pilot. June – July 2018

"The program has been of great support for my transition into job hunting. I loved the job leads, the way our facilitators dealt with our experiences, and the classes that were well written and organized. I will describe this course as one of the greatest tools of job hunting and interviewing."

Maniel F. Rodriguez Guzman, Career Ready Program, National Guard Pilot. June – July 2018

What Our Partners Are Saying

"The Veterans really enjoyed the Career Ready program as it was exactly what they needed to transition from Military to the civilian workforce. The students were much better prepared for the critical interviewing process. While at times intense, the ability to track the Veterans’ progress combined with a high level of online interaction, allowed our agency to provide the necessary support to ensure Veteran success."

- Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor