DeVry's Teach Values in Action

What is a TEACH Award?

It's more than what we do, it's who we are.

Teamwork - We put the team first, appreciate diverse points of view, assume positive intent, collaborate and communicate openly
nergy - We move quickly, learn from mistakes, build positive spirit and always look for a better way
ccountability - We take ownership and initiative, demonstrate courage, and act with integrity
ommunity -  We operate with a shared sense of responsibility and purpose, and enrich colleagues, students and the broader community we serve
eart – We serve students and each other with passion, respect and care

At DeVry these values define us, how we are guided and the decisions we make. We love learning how your company applies these values within the context of your partnership with DeVry as your education provider - so much so that we created the TEACH Awards.

Our 2017 Winners

We are thrilled to announce that 2017 is an exciting year with not one, but two TEACH Partner Award winners!  The following 2017 winners exemplified our TEACH values (teamwork, energy, accountability, community and heart) while supporting their employees in a competitive environment offering them opportunities to learn, grow and succeed.

Compass Group

“Our company believes developing our great people not only supports our business goals as outlined in Mapping Our Way Forward, but also leads to career growth and long-term associate satisfaction. You’re part of a company that is altogether great. From our great people to our great results, we’re a spirited and passionate team focused on doing our very best.”

The Adecco Group

“Our goal is to be an employer of choice, not just a line on a resume but a community where colleagues stay and grow their careers. Though community is a value expressed at all levels of the organization, our front line leaders in the field set the cultural tone for a large portion of our colleagues.”

*Quotes pulled from The Adecco Group and Compass Group 2017 TEACH Award applications.

If you are planning on attending CLO Magazine’s Spring Symposium in April, we invite you to attend our award winners’ talks about their culture and values

Monday, April 24 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm, Courtney Abraham, Senior Vice President, Talent Management, The Adecco Group, will talk about:

Creating an Impactful Learning Culture at The Adecco Group

  • The Adecco Group partners with the businesses to ensure that learning is their idea
  • Real life examples for how each team has accelerated productivity
  • How The Adecco Group tracks productivity to increase results
  • The significant impact of learning on engagement

Tuesday, April 25 2:45 pm - 3:45 pm, Compass Group’s Susan Vacchi, Director L+D Center of Expertise, Learning and Development, Compass Group North America, will speak about:

How Do You Support a Learner-driven Environment?

  • Explore the characteristics of a learner-driven environment and how to support one
  • Begin to assess your organization’s current level of learner-driven “friendliness”
  • Identify next steps to become more learner-driven friendly

Visit for more information about the event.

Our 2016 Winner

TEACH recipient HP Enterprises (HPE) absolutely embodied all of our awards ideals in 2016. They exemplified our TEACH values while supporting their employees in a competitive environment filled with constant (and consciously crafted) ways to learn, grow and succeed.