ModULearn Classic - the Focused Pathway for Professional Development

Established by, and drawing upon the educational expertise of DeVry University, DeVryWORKS is the solutions provider for talent development, offering personalized training programs to help your employees enhance their workplace skills. There are a variety of benefits to partnering with DeVryWORKS and using our ModULearn Classic approach to meet your talent development and skills gap training needs.

Optimized for today’s corporate learner – From years of specialized service to adult learners, we realize many adults have differing needs from traditional students. Our learning modalities have been created to meet the needs of today’s corporate learner, delivering rigorous content in short stacks to maximize your employees’ learning potential.

Designed to fit busy schedules – We understand that your employees have busy schedules so we have designed these training modalities to fit in their schedules. We offer online self-paced, live or online instructor-led, and blended options so your employees can choose the learning method that best fits their needs.

Stack credits towards a degree – The DeVryWORKS ModULearn course design allows your employees to gain skills in multiple areas with stacked credits that can be applied towards a degree program from DeVry University.  Modules can be combined and stacked for credit toward a direct DeVry University course or can be combined with modules from varying courses and stacked for elective credits.  

Affordable and Convenient - No up-front fees, no consulting charges and pay-as-you go option allows for maximum flexibility that today’s corporate learner wants.

Skills Gap Solutions Designed for Your Organization

We have built a broad collection of ModULearn Classic courses that can be tailored based on your organization’s specific needs. These short, stackable/alternative credentials allow adult learners to gain new skills with the option to apply credits towards a DeVry University degree.* We offer DeVryWORKS ModULearn Classic courses in business fundamentals, retail management, customer service, consumer behavior, professional communication, and more.

Business Acumen

Business Acumen provides participants with an overview of general business and management concepts and methodologies. Training participants are introduced to business and the environments in which businesses operate. Participants examine the roles of major functional areas of business and interrelationships among them. Organizational theories and techniques are examined and economic, cultural, and political factors affecting business organizations are evaluated. The training also explores team development and technological factors that affect leadership. The training features practical, relevant, technological enhanced instruction taught by experienced faculty.

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Consumer Behavior for New Managers

Consumer Behavior for New Managers offers an applied perspective on why and how consumers make purchasing decisions about products and services. Participants will examine the forces of marketplace dynamics, from influencers of perception and learning (e.g. social media) to higher-level variables such as dynamics and lifestyles.

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Customer Service Training for New Managers

Customer Service for New Managers provides participants with a solid overview of best-practices in customer-relations, enabling them to recognize and apply such practices. Participants are introduced to interpersonal relationship and communication skills, such as how to listen, resolve conflict, and convert dissatisfied customer interactions into sales and loyalty.

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Retailing for New Managers

Retailing for New Managers explores retail management. Participants survey various retailing processes, functions, planning, marketing distribution, and the domestic economy versus global supply chain. The training also examines market and consumer analysis; store location and layout; merchandizing; promotion; customer relations; and financial, ethical, and environmental issues.

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Communicating for Impact

Developing one's communication skills is essential in the modern world, whether it is for use in a company board meeting, training a staff of promoted employees, participating in a web conference with remote teammates, or speaking at a friend's wedding. No matter our personal, professional, or civic goals and interests, there is a consistent need for the ability to design and deliver messages effectively. The Speak Like a Leader Training provides managers the chance to develop their communication skills via traditional and contemporary modes of public speaking in ways directly applicable to career or private life. The training features practical, relevant, technological enhanced instruction taught by experienced faculty.

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*Only Eligible Individuals who matriculate into DeVry programs may apply for articulation credit for DeVryWorks ModULearn. Students must meet with an advisor to review how individual credit taken will apply to their DeVry University program. It shall be the student’s responsibility to request any permitted credit transfer in accordance with the DeVry Policies. Residency requirements: students must earn at least 25% of their program’s required credit hours or a minimum of 30 semester credit hours, whichever is greater, through coursework completed at DeVry. This information is based on coursework in each DeVry University program as of 11/17/16 and is subject to review and modification at any time and without prior notice. Limitations and restrictions may apply. For a current and complete list of course requirements in each DeVry program, please see the DeVry University Academic Catalog.