ModULearn Basic - A  New Approach to Corporate Training

ModULearn Basic offers learners an on-demand, highly-concentrated, and focused method of skills delivery for your workforce.  You can choose to customize a prescribed learning path matched to your competencies, or elect to offer a suite of modules and allow your employees the ability to pick their own track. These fast-paced, highly interactive learning experiences are bite-sized, with most offerings delivered in 60 minutes or less. Closing the skills gap in vital areas such as communication, teamwork, customer service, business, and conflict resolution is closer than you think.

Skills Gap Training from DeVryWORKS

At DeVryWORKS, we understand the challenges that may be presented by skills gaps across your organization. That’s why we offer training solutions like ModULearn to align with your workforce needs and help your business thrive. Some of the benefits of working with DeVryWORKS are:

  • Address your workforce training objectives how, when and where it works for you
  • Target critical skillsets that align with your workforce competency needs
  • We will analyze, design, and deliver customized learning paths without any setup costs
  • A pay-as-you-go model  to allow for greater control of your training investment
  • Learning path options that build off each other, allow for stackable and scalable development solutions, and may translate into college credit

With our skills gap training, we’ve designed threaded learning experiences that allow for dynamic workforce development and address three primary hurdles corporate learners often face:

  • Essential learning is made more affordable  by efficient, enterprise training offerings
  • Time demands are minimized as many learning modules are less than 1 hour in duration
  • Early successes with training modules allow learners to pave the way for larger, long-term education goals

Training for Important Soft Skills

For many people in workplace, soft skills are often some of the hardest skills to develop. Our courses are designed to allow an immersive experience, with illustrations and simulations that relate to today’s businesses and can help your employees gain proficiency in the skills that they need to advance in their careers.

On a broad scale, the following applied skills can enable your employees to build constructive working relationships and help them become the kind of skilled workers your business needs.

Business Fundamentals – Perhaps your workforce is rich with technically skilled employees, yet there is a need for emerging leaders to operate in cross-functional roles. Knowledge about functional areas along the business continuum, such as operations, management and more, will be key. Modules within this program introduce learners to a variety of fundamental business concepts and methods, and inspire them to add value to their roles and the organization.

Professional Communication – Accurate and professional communication can be vital to the success of an organization. On this path, learners explore areas of written, verbal, and other non-verbal communication through modules that provide a refresher course and/or introduction to this important component of business interaction at every level.

Teamwork and Collaboration – When organizations rely on maximizing resources and teamwork, group dynamics can make an impact on how the workforce comes together to achieve the best results. In a world where collaboration is a key to innovation and improvement, this training offers skills that can help build high-performing teams.

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