Digital Recruiting Tools: Where to Start & How to Lead

If you’re feeling the pressure to recruit top talent quickly and continuously, in what is now seen as a candidates’ market, you’re not alone. There were 6.2 million jobs available in the U.S. as of June 30, 2017 – that’s 700,000 more job openings than there were at the end of 2016.1

When you’re charged with finding and hiring the best people to fill those roles, resources matter. Fortunately, there are plenty new digital tools help you source, engage, hire and retain talent. But where to start and what to look for?

To arrive at the first steps, we reviewed Evolved Recruiting: Making the Most of Recruitment Technology, an e-book by Meghan Biro, host of the weekly podcast, #WorkTrends.* In it, she introduces a strategic set of considerations for those who want to lead talent initiatives with a tech-forward approach that gives their organizations an edge.

Recruitment Technology Takeaways

  • Online, social and mobile platforms are speeding up the hiring process. So, look to technology to not only help you save time, but to move quicker to capture the attention of candidates and get to making an offer.
  • Recruiting intelligence is available through cloud-based tools. Deeper insights could be at your fingertips, reliably and in real time. Automation should increase productivity right off the bat, as well as support your nurturing strategy for the long term.
  • Connect with “digital natives.” Millennials care about your brand and workplace culture. This includes the mission of the organization and the purpose of your search. Adopting new tools and systems that help you demonstrate what you have to offer on several levels.

Helping your organization see the benefits of embracing new technology is one way to take your talent acquisition results to the next level. When you’re determining your priorities for working with new tools, partners and other resources, Biro’s Evolved Recruiting e-book is a simple way to learn what to look for.



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