DeVryWORKS Skills Gap Training

As industries, organizations and technology evolve, many employees need to refresh their skills in order to meet the demands of their jobs and to perform at their best, which results in a significant concern for many businesses. At DeVryWORKS, we know it’s important to address this challenge and to offer specific training and development solutions to help support the growth of your organization and the development of your employees.

DeVryWORKS Skills Gap Training offers an on-demand, highly-concentrated and focused method of skills delivery for learners in your workforce, based on competencies which today’s businesses agree are in the highest demand.  You can choose a prescribed learning path matched to your competencies and needs, or elect to offer a suite of modules and allow your employees to pick their own tracks. These efficient, interactive learning experiences are bite-sized, with most offerings delivered in 60 minutes or less. The chance to close skills gaps in vital areas such as communication, teamwork, customer service, business and conflict resolution is nearer than you may think.

DeVryWORKS understands the need for dynamic, skill-building content so we have built a collection of courses designed to offer an immersive learning experience and help close the skills gap.  Each course contains illustrations and simulations that relate to today’s businesses to help your employees gain proficiency in skills they need to advance in their careers and increase performance within your organization.

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