Military and Veterans Hiring

Military and Veteran Talent Acquisition and Development Solutions by DeVryWORKS

DeVryWORKS helps you access Military and Veteran candidates who have the education, expertise and skills necessary to succeed in a variety of career fields and meet the challenges facing your business. From training Army Air Corps instructors on electronic devices in the 1940’s, to being one of the first schools approved to accept the original G.I. Bill® following World War II, DeVry University has been educating and supporting Military personnel and the veteran community for decades. DeVryWORKS is focused on assisting and preparing transitioning Military Veterans for civilian employment. Our Military recruiting and training initiatives may help your organization:

  • Connect with our vibrant pool of current and former Military candidates to help you build a diverse and highly qualified workforce
  • Our degree-path programs and skill-building workshops are designed to assist and prepare Military candidates as they transition to the civilian workforce
  • Our curriculum features a broad scope of coursework in business, technology and healthcare, so our candidates are prepared with the career-focused skills that can help your business succeed
  • You can engage U.S. Military Veterans in the private sector and stay ahead of the hiring curve through a variety of initiatives
  • In addition to helping Veterans earn a degree, we've developed multiple offerings to help veteran students and alumni to transition to civilian jobs through education, expertise and skill-building workshops and classes.

DeVryWORKS Career Ready Program for Military and Veterans

Designed to help close skills gap, DeVryWORKS Career Ready program for Vocational Rehab and Veterans features customized curriculum to support job seekers associated with Military and government entities who would like to transition into a new employment opportunity, whether in government or the private sector.

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DeVryWORKS Green Zone Program

DeVryWORKS understands the importance of Talent Development, so we are proud to present Green Zone training – an extensive program created to provide our corporate partners with resources and specialized support for their present and future Military hires. DeVryWORKS' Green Zone training program provides guidance on how your company can better serve, understand and maximize the potential of your Military and Veteran hires.

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Hear From DeVry Military Students

DeVry University understands what today’s employers are looking for. See what other military students are saying about DeVry’s relevant education and highly respected degrees.