Green Zone Training

DeVryWORKS Green Zone Training Program

Members of the Military are trained to be precise, hardworking and dedicated but employers may often miss out on critical ways that they can harness their unique strengths and skillsets. DeVryWORKS’ Green Zone training program provides guidance on how your company can better serve, understand and maximize the potential of your Military and Veteran hires. DeVry is proud to present Green Zone training – an extensive program created to provide our corporate partners with resources and specialized support for their present and future Military hires. Green Zone training can help your company lower acquisition costs and boost employee performance and retention* as you learn to:

  • Better understand the background of your Military hires
  • Identify and translate Military experience into job skills and value they can bring to your workforce
  • Manage and maximize the potential of Military and Veteran personnel


How is DeVryWORKS Green Zone training different?

DeVry provides access to a breadth of tools and resources to assist employers with Military and Veteran hiring initiatives, including:

Rank Structure Guides - Does your team know the difference between a Corporal and a Sergeant? Understanding what your Military hire has done helps you truly understand what they can do.

Online Sensitivity Training - An online course can be made available company-wide to help employees gain insight into establishing rapport with both Military and Veteran colleagues and clients.

Trauma Awareness - Some service members may have experienced physical or mental injuries. A better understanding of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can help you gain valuable insight into how to harness the strengths and overcome the stigma attached to PTSD and TBI.

Support Base - A support team is available to guide you through a variety of verified resources that can help you maximize your Military hires’ potential.


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*Veterans in the Workplace: Recruitment and Retention study, April 2013