Career Ready

Career Ready Program

Career Ready is a specialized skills gap training program designed to support participants through a job search or career transition. The 16-week online course combines lectures, engaging assignments, and personalized career coaching with a dedicated advisor. Participants are enrolled in the program as part of a cohort and access the course and materials, and connect with DeVry University Career Services facilitators, through interactive web-based tools.

The content for Career Ready program has been created by certified career coaches and professional resume writers to deliver actionable, relevant exercises and lectures on such topics as:

  • Realizing Your Full Potential
  • Personal Branding
  • Resume Strategy
  • Acing the Interview
  • Uncovering the Hidden Job Market
  • Utilizing Social Media in the Job Search
  • Networking

Career Ready Program for Military and Veterans

Career Ready program for Vocational Rehab and Veterans features customized curriculum to support job seekers associated with military and government entities who would like to transition into a new employment opportunity, whether in government or the private sector. The Career Ready program for Military and Veterans offers interactive content featuring federal resumes and devices for tackling the government application process, incorporated with traditional corporate job search and resume strategies to support participants. As part of the program, participants of Career Ready program for Military and Veterans are also partnered with a career advisor who specializes in supporting veterans through career transitions and uniquely coaching job seekers to maximize transferable skills.


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DeVryWORKS Career Ready program offers resources for Military and Veterans to help transition into today's job market. Participants of Career Ready program gain skill sets that may assist them in seeking new employment, advancing within their current career, or simply aiding in their professional development.

“The job search process can be intimidating, whether you’re a new graduate or veteran seeking your first opportunity, or you’re a seasoned professional impacted by a reduction in force. DeVryWORKS is leaning in to assist those job seekers and career changers through Career Ready by providing career development skills and career advising to get them started on the right path in their search.”

Joe Mozden, Vice President, DeVryWORKS