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2018 CLO Symposium

March 26th - 28th, 2018 Ft. Lauderdale, FL at the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa

Reimagining the Learning Experience

Few would argue that corporate learning is radically different now than even a decade ago. The unstoppable advance of technology and globalization continue to transform it from a stand-alone, discrete conduit for imparting knowledge into an integral force for innovation. These changes alter the content, context and mechanisms of learning but also the experience of learning itself — how people learn, when they learn, what they expect and want and why.

Smart CLOs realize the need to reimagine learning if they hope to deliver the results required with simplicity, elegance and accuracy. At the Spring 2018 CLO Symposium, we’ll examine the forces driving corporate educators to adapt the learning experience and explore the most effective ways to remain relevant in this rapidly changing environment.

DeVryWORKS is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of the Symposium and hopes to see you there!

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Move in the Right Direction: Putting Your Career Goals Into Action

Learn how investing in personal growth can impact your career by attending a complimentary webinar: Move in the Right Direction, putting your career goals into action.  Acquire the skills needed to create your career vision and execute your specific goals, in both your personal and professional life.

01/22/2018 – 11 am CT : Register
01/30/2018 – 12 pm CT : Register


Rediscover the Power of Focus: Time Management Strategies for a Digital World

Learn a strategic approach to overcoming the challenges of successful time management and walk away ready to put your plan into action. Overcoming procrastination, setting realistic goals and prioritizing projects and goals will be explored.

02/23/2018 – 11 am CT : Register
02/28/2018 – 1 pm CT : Register


Empowering Collaboration: A Guide to Engaging Across Generations

How can generations collide less and connect more? We’ll explore the differences in generations and how their diversity can foster a connection and drive performance.

03/20/2018 – 12 pm CT : Register
03/29/2018 – 1 pm CT : Register


Are You a Catalyst For Change? Lead With Confidence and Your Team Will Follow

Leading a team through transitions can be extremely difficult for most all organizations. That’s why the best companies look for leaders who can motivate, support and move teams from point A to B, while successfully navigating the challenges of change.

04/25/2018 – 2 pm CT : Register
04/30/2018 – 11 am CT : Register


Are People Listening? Enhance Outcomes Through Effective Communication

Find out what a difference effective written and verbal communication makes in the workplace. Practical exercises designed to enhance your skills and make you a better listener. We will discuss topics like: Why strong communication skills matter in business, how good communication enhances day-to-day interactions with colleagues and clients and how the quality of communication can have an impact on your organization

05/22/2018 – 1 pm CT : Register
05/31/2018 – 12 pm CT : Register


S.C.O.R.E.: Successfully Navigating a Project From Start to Finish

Business as we know it has changed, and non-project managers are working in roles that require project management skills. Discover key takeaways that can enhance your approach to managing tasks and help improve the outcome or projects at work.
06/22/2018 – 11 am CT : Register
06/26/2018 – 1 pm CT : Register

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